Feast of Lanterns 2021

Feast of Lanterns Makes a Triumphant Return

This past Saturday, August 28th, marked the return of the near eastside festival, Feast of Lanterns. The Feast of Lanterns has storied roots on the eastside, being thrown intermittently since the late 19th century. What once was a late summer event marked by neighbors placing lanterns on their porches has evolved over the past century into the landmark community event that occurred this past weekend.

After taking a brief hiatus last year because of well, the whole world being shut down, Feast of Lanterns made a triumphant return this year. The event included community booths, arts and crafts vendors, food trucks, and performances by local artists. Feast of Lanterns has officially cemented itself as a staple eastside community event. While this year obviously looked a little different due to the ongoing pandemic, Feast of Lanterns 2021 marked the restoration of normalcy on the near eastside. At the Promise Zone, we look forward to the return of outdoor community events and hope to see you all next year for Feast of Lanterns 2022.

For history and background on Feast of Lanterns, please visit: https://indyfol.org/about