Introducing the 2021-2022 VISTA Cohort

Now that our VISTAs have had some time to settle into their respective positions, we felt it was time to introduce you all to our current cohort. These VISTAs will serve a one year term, which started in June. Housed in the John Boner Neighborhood Center, the Promise Zone VISTAs target their efforts towards poverty alleviation in accordance with five promises made to the Promise Zone community upon its designation

Danielle Buresh

Danielle Buresh is serving this year as the Research and Evaluation Coordinator. A recent graduate from Indiana University, Danielle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies supplemented by minors in Nonprofit Management and African Languages (Swahili). Originally from North Carolina, Danielle grew up on the west side of Indianapolis. Outside of work, she enjoys serving in Christian ministry, tackling new cooking and baking recipes, watching squirrels, bike riding, and spending time with my family and friends. She is especially excited to be working within the Indy East Promise Zone because of its collaborative nature. She has had a great time learning about JBNC and all of the Promise Zone implementation partners and is excited to witness what results can come from such a genuine network of collaborators working together to better the places they love.

Emily Benner

Emily Benner is serving as the Education and Workforce Development Coordinator. Emily graduated from the University of Indianapolis in December 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Upon graduation, Emily worked as a legislative intern for the Indiana State Senate during the 2021 legislative session. Originally from LaFontaine, Indiana, Emily is looking forward to getting to know the area better and watching the progress that will be made over my year of service as a VISTA. In her free time, Emily enjoys spending time with family and friends, doing puzzles, and curling up under a blanket to watch Netflix.

Kalie Klein

Kalie Klein will be serving as the Communications Coordinator for the Promise Zone this year. A recent graduate of Indiana University, Kalie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and African American and African Diaspora Studies, with a minor in History. In addition to her BA, she also holds an Associate of Science in Psychology. Originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Kalie considers Indianapolis to be home and harbors strong, familial connections to the Eastside. In her free time, Kalie enjoys reading, writing, creating music, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and spending time with friends and family.

Jacob Barnes

This year, Jacob Barnes will be serving as the Economic Development Coordinator. Jacob graduated from Ball State University in 2018 with his BFA in Acting and is currently pursuing an Associates of Business Administration from Eastern Gateway Community College. Originally from Ames, Iowa, Jacob considers home to be Frankfort, Indiana, where he grew up. In his free time, Jacob enjoys spending quality time with his beautiful friends and family, writing poetry, exploring new places, running, gardening, cooking, basketball, swimming, hiking, boating, performing, dancing, and advocating for social justice issues.