Small Business Resources

The IndyEast Promise Zone is committed to helping neighborhood-serving businesses by providing them updated funding information and comprehensive business resources. Learn more how to apply for a IndyEast Promise designation and resources like the Small Business Resource Guide.

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what are the benefits of a promise zone designation?

The Promise Zone designation provides priority consideration for grants submitted to federal agencies by organizations within the Promise Zone or organizations planning work that will benefit citizens who live in the Promise Zone. However, the designation does not provide grant funding for individuals.

John Boner Neighborhood Centers (JBNC) as the lead organization, helps to coordinate grant applications and is responsible for ensuring grant applications meet qualified Zone needs. JBNC will certify applications if needed by granting agencies.

Preference Point Policy: In the event that multiple organizations apply for the same grant, JBNC and the implementation partners will encourage partnership between those organizations.

Apply for a indy east Promise Zone Designation

Step 1: Develop project plans and partners

Applicants may submit a short narrative to the Promise Zone team in order to obtain feedback on their proposal. 

Step 2: Research federal funding opportunities

The federal government has many opportunities for funding through their various agencies. You can research federal agencies to determine which offer grants that could fund the project. 

Step 3: Complete the federal agency's grant application

When viewing the grant opportunity on there are sections that indicate preference or priority consideration. If the funding source indicates preference for Promise Zones, you will then complete step for requesting certification. Letters of support are also given to projects that align with Promise Zone goals regardless of preference. The Promise Zone can also provide letters of support and guidance for Opportunity Zone preference and priority consideration.

Step 4: Apply for a Indy East Promise Zone Designation.

Please complete all fields to the best of your knowledge, if you have any questions, reach out to the Promise Zone team. 

COVID-19 Business Resources

IndyEast Promise Zone created a COVID-19 Small Business Resource Guide to support businesses with information, guidance and financial opportunities during the pandemic.


Business Resource Toolkit

We’ve created an interactive business resource guide for Near Eastside businesses and community partners. This guide is based on feedback from Near Eastside businesses and community partners and is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all business resources in Indianapolis.

How to use:

To best utilize this map, click “full screen” mode at the bottom.

  • Click on each resource for more information.
  • Click the categories on the left to see each line separately.
  • Clicking the spacebar or backspace, and scrolling, will take you to another resource and not the main screen. To see the main screen with all the resources listed, click the “Back to main line” icon.

For more information, comments, or questions about the map, contact a Promise Zone member.