Preference Points

What are preference points?

The ability to access preference points in federal funding competitions is one of the key benefits of the federal Promise Zone designation.  During the year participating federal agencies will announce grant opportunities that may include preference or priority consideration for proposals from Promise Zone designated communities.  You can find a list of participating federal agencies here.  Federal agencies determine whether applicants are awarded based on the grant application criteria and review.  The John Boner Neighborhood Centers, in consultation with the City of Indianapolis and other implementation partners, is responsible for certifying that the application for funding aligns with the goals and objectives of the Promise Zone and has clear benefits to Promise Zone and it’s residents.

How can I request certification for preference points on my federal application?

Promise Zone certification will be provided to an organization that can demonstrate how their program/project meets one or more of the Promise Zone goals and sub-goals.

When more than one request for preference point certification is received for the same application, the Promise Zone team will encourage local groups to partner whenever possible.

When will we be notified if our organization received preference point certification?

The process for reviewing and certifying proposals can take up to four weeks, so please plan accordingly.

What expectations are there for my organization should I receive a grant utilizing the preference points certification?

Organizations who are awarded grants must agree to participate in evaluations of the Promise Zone, submit reports on the outcomes of their project and are strongly encouraged to participate in the Promise Zone Working groups. 

For more questions please see our F.A.Q. page.