Group of people looking at signs in Twin Aire

Twin Aire is Getting Attention

On November4th, 2016, Citizens Energy Group announced that they were awarded a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA). Funding from this grant will allow for the implementation of a redevelopment strategy designed by Citizens in partnership with the City of Indianapolis and other community groups including the Twin Aire Coalition. Citizens will match EDA funding with $375,000 bringing the total investment to $750,000.

On November 9th, the Twin Aire neighborhood presented their pitch to be one of the next Great Places 2020. Neighbors, organizations, and business owners came out in support and to express what a great community Twin Aire already is! The Citizens Energy Coke Plant closed completely and permanently in 2007 and the area has lost hundreds of jobs. Since then, some residents have moved away in search of new jobs. The Great Places 2020 designation would mean a great deal to long-time Twin Aire residents who are dedicated to the neighborhood they love.

Great Places 2020 is a designation awarded to neighborhoods in Indianapolis by a steering committee. The decision is made through a competitive process. Winning the designation means that funding sources and strategic programming will prioritize the neighborhood in the hopes that private investment follows. The goal is to initiate urban revitalization. Investments in a Great Places 2020 neighborhood are organized into four outcomes:

  • Livability – Healthy and beautiful
  • Opportunity – Entrepreneurs and jobs
  • Vitality – Growing population
  • Education – Lifelong learning

The next Great Places 2020 neighborhood will be announced on November 30th. If Twin Aire receives the designation it will be the second Great Places 2020 neighborhood within the IndyEast Promise Zone! Below are a few photos from the event.

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