RUCKUS Makerspace Building

RUCKUS Makerspace Awarded in Small Business Administration Competition

On August 20th, the US Small Business Administration announced winners for its 2019 Makerspace Training, Collaboration, and Hiring (MaTCH) Pilot Competition. Among the winners in the Proof of Principle category was RUCKUS Makerspace, a local coworking space located in one of the ten Opportunity Zone census tracts that overlap with the IndyEast Promise Zone.

The Proof of Principle category awards funds for programs with a proven history of training and workforce development. RUCKUS Makerspace received a $100,000 award, the highest possible award for the category. The funding from the competition will be used to serve formerly-incarcerated members of the community, and others who face unique barriers to employment. RUCKUS has a goal of helping 25 people find higher paying jobs with nearby businesses. In order to achieve this goal, funds will be used for hard skill training, specifically in welding and using computer numerical control (CNC) machines.

The use of CNC machines has soared in popularity in recent years. Put simply, CNC machining is a term commonly used in manufacturing and industrial applications. CNC stands for computer numerical control. Accordingly, CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process which typically utilizes computerized controls and machine tools to remove layers of material from a stock piece, known as a blank or workpiece, and produces a custom-designed part.

You can learn more about CNC machinery, tools, and equipment by taking a look at some of the products available at Above all, the CNC process is suitable for several different materials, including metals, plastics, wood, glass, foam, and composites. Therefore CNC technology finds applications in a variety of industries, such as large CNC machining and CNC machining aerospace parts.

There are other areas of the metalwork industry that are developing at a fast pace too. Moreover, knowledge of welding tools and machinery such as Esab welding equipment is in high demand and therefore training will introduce candidates to the big brands from the welding industry that aspiring welders need to be familiar with. In addition to developing these skills, participants will receive personal and career coaching. This combination of professional and social support will enable people who traditionally face barriers to starting and advancing their careers to find living-wage jobs in order to support themselves and their families.

This approach also aligns with the Promise Zone’s Work IndyEast and Safe IndyEast goals by connecting unemployed or underemployed neighbors with opportunities for employment and higher wages, particularly those who have criminal records or face other challenges when seeking employment. Supporting efforts to connect Near Eastside community members with jobs and career development opportunities in competitive sectors like marketing is vital to the continued economic growth of the community.

Pictured above: RUCKUS Makerspace logo

RUCKUS Makerspace’s MaTCH Pilot Competition award will allow them to build on their current model to serve the community in new ways. RUCKUS currently has 30 members, who enjoy several shared resources. The shared spaces and tools that are currently available include a photography studio, wood and metal shops, a direct-to-garment printer, 3D printers, a CNC router, and a plasma cutter. Members also have their own spaces where they can operate their businesses. RUCKUS Makerspace provides important resources to its members and helps promote small business and entrepreneurship on the Near Eastside.

RUCKUS has a number of exciting plans for the future and, as part of an upcoming digital marketing drive, the company is currently in the process of redesigning its website. It is no secret that in order to get ahead in the competitive small business sphere, your online presence needs to be eye-catching and polished. We all search for things online nowadays and therefore if you want people to choose your website over that of a competitor then your content needs to be optimized for search engines. Digital marketing can make a huge difference to the online presence of a small business, and therefore reaching out to a small business seo expert can be a unique and impactful way to drive traffic and, ultimately, increase sales.

In addition, RUCKUS currently has open spaces for new members, and offers a variety of membership types. They are particularly interested in recruiting metal, wood, or leather makers to fill some of the available space. Any interested parties should can find more information here or by emailing You can keep up with events hosted by RUCKUS Makerspace either on their website or their Facebook page.