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Promise Zone Bus Tour Promotes Redevelopment of Industrial Sites

On Friday, September 13th, a group of nearly 50 community partners and developers took a bus tour of the Promise Zone, stopping at many former industrial sites. The tour was used to highlight the development opportunities offered by the abundance of sites in the Promise Zone that once housed industrial operations. The tour stopped at six sites in total. Some of the sites have already been redeveloped, providing an example of how industrial reuse can work. Other sites, like the Community Justice Campus, will offer opportunities for commercial development in the future. Many of the chosen sites have already undergone the initial steps in the redevelopment process, such as environmental assessment and cleanup. There is still plenty of work to be done before businesses and new developments can open on these sites, but with investors getting a close-up look, hopefully, progress will continue. The former industrial sites in the IndyEast Promise Zone are a valuable asset that will continue to provide redevelopment opportunities that can serve the community and its needs well into the future. Their redevelopment is vital to Promise Zone Work IndyEast and Buy IndyEast goals, which focus on job growth, commercial growth, and redevelopment of industrial sites into vibrant community-serving corridors. As redevelopment continues, so will economic growth and job creation, empowering neighbors to further their personal goals and improve their quality of life. More photos can be found here. The tour was sponsored by HIS Constructors