A Brighter Future For RecycleForce

RecycleForce successfully relocated to Sherman Park this past October, marking a significant milestone for the organization. The new facility equips RecycleForce with the ability to expand its program outreach, optimize efficiency, and elevate the volume of recycled materials within the community.

This relocation follows a period of challenges, during which RecycleForce operated in a temporary 60,000 sq. ft. space, imposing limitations on their ability to increase community services. While the previous location provided proximity to the target population, it fell short in meeting recycling demands and addressing the specific needs of the re-entry population. Furthermore, the former footprint restricted RecycleForce to operating at only half of its potential capacity.

Since its inception in 2006, RecycleForce has delivered job training to over 2,000 returning citizens and recycled nearly 100 million pounds of electronics. The impact has been profound, benefiting numerous families, neighbors, and individuals who have gained valuable skills and confidence through RecycleForce.

This past November, RecycleForce held an open house to unveil the new facility to the public and honor those who have fought for our country. 

Gregg Keesling, RecycleForce’s president, explains how this, “…move to our new home in Sherman Park allows us to broaden the community impacts of our employment social enterprise – recycling millions of pounds of electronic waste while recycling the lives of hundreds of returning citizens who learn how to work and contribute positively to their own and our shared quality of life.”

The new building positions RecycleForce to emerge as the nation’s leading social enterprise dedicated to supporting the re-entry of citizens after incarceration. This move enhances their ability to serve participants and the broader community, reflecting a promising chapter in RecycleForce’s ongoing mission.

Image Source: IndyStar