Food pantry workers

Shepherd Community Center Donation Opportunity

Shepherd Community Center is in need of donations for their food pantry.

Every Saturday Shepherd serves as many as 50 households through their food pantry. This program allows them to meet physical needs as well as build face-to-face relationships with neighbors in need.

However, the pantry is currently running extremely low to meet the needs of the neighborhood families, and they urgently need donations to fill the shelves.

Here are their most-needed items:

*   Cereal
*   Granola bars
*   Oatmeal
*   Canned fruit
*   Canned tomatoes
*   Canned corn
*   Canned Green Beans
*   Canned Peas
*   Canned Mixed Veggies
*   Canned Soup
*   Canned Meat
*   Peanut Butter
*   Pasta (canned or box)
*   Canned Beans
*   Rice (bags & instant)
*   Mashed Potatoes
*   Tomato & Pasta Sauce
*   Mac & Cheese
*   Pasta Meals (instant)
*   Small Bottles of Shampoo, conditioner, body wash
*   Tooth Brushes
*   Toothpaste
*   Feminine Products
*   Toilet Paper
*   Razers

If you can help by donating these or any other items, please call 317-375-0203 or deliver them to Shepherd between 8am – 4:30pm Monday through Friday.

You can also contact David Noe for more information: