Promise Zone Plan Goals and Strategies

Live IndyEast: We promise to create an economically diverse community by promoting housing redevelopment that embraces existing and new residents.  We aim to accomplish this by recapturing vacant housing and developing new and affordable options.
Sub Goals

  • Sub Goal 1: Decrease transiency rate and resident turnover by addressing barriers to decent, safe, and affordable housing of existing renters and homeowners.  Deferred maintenance, vacant and blighted properties, and problem rentals undermine community vitality and stability.
  • Sub-Goal 2: Increase homeownership, density & home values and lowering vacancy rate, by creating diverse housing opportunities for new neighbors.  A high percentage of vacant and blighted residential properties compel new housing and infill development opportunities.
  • Sub-goal 3: Increase the population density and level of specialty housing by developing multi-family housing options for families and individuals across the economic spectrum.  This will in turn fuel other economic development.
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Work IndyEast: We promise to develop vibrant neighborhood zones of business activity, industries, and commerce in which residents are employed in living wage jobs.  We aim to accomplish this through entrepreneurship, industrial reuse, and job training.
Sub Goals

  • Sub Goal 1: Redevelop six neighborhood legacy industrial sites or corridors into zones of commerce and opportunities that support emerging economic sectors and existing post-industrial opportunities.
  • Sub-Goal 2: Decrease unemployment and increase household income for unemployed or underemployed neighborhood residents.
  • Sub-Goal 3: Support infrastructure improvements as a top priority guiding employment and development on transit corridors, aligning with system upgrades, and supporting transit-oriented development.
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Buy IndyEast: We promise to create healthy commercial corridors that provide desirable neighborhood goods, services and amenities that serve our residents and become a regional destination for shopping, dining, and recreation.
Sub Goals

  • Sub Goal 1: Provide comprehensive commercial district development resources and incentives targeting new and existing neighborhood-serving businesses, commercial property owners, and neighborhood-commercial developers
  • Sub-Goal 2: Strategically target neighborhood-centered commercial redevelopment nodes to implement Arts-based Community Development (ABCD) initiatives as an economic catalyst for commercial development, entrepreneurship and creative programming
  • Sub-goal 3: Implement innovative infrastructure including public gathering spaces, dedicated trail systems and streetscape improvements to attract a strong consumer base and utilize placemaking practices as catalyst for business development.
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Safe IndyEast: We promise to create a welcoming environment in which all families and visitors feel safe and secure.  We aim to accomplish this by focused efforts on crime prevention, youth intervention programming, and supportive reentry services.
Sub Goals

  • Sub Goal 1: Work cooperatively with the Department of Public Safety and neighborhood residents to develop initiatives that aim to prevent serious and violent crime through community policing and focused activities to address mental health and repeat offenders.
  • Sub-Goal 2: Expand and develop youth crime-intervention programming, emphasizing at-risk youth populations to curb systemic crime and empower youth to become more engaged in their community.
  • Sub-goal 3: Partner with community organizations to support families and neighborhoods impacted by incarceration and develop strategies to integrate holistic, community-focused re-entry services.
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Learn IndyEast: We promise all children will receive exceptional education from birth to adulthood including developmentally appropriate early childhood services, high quality and innovative schools and access to postsecondary education and training.
Sub Goals

  • Sub Goal 1: Improve school readiness for young children, infant to pre-k, so they enter kindergarten physically, socially, and academically ready to learn.
  • Sub-Goal 2: Improve academic achievement of school age children through supplemental programs including out of school time providers, in-school interventions and community services that ensure children come to school healthy and ready to learn.
  • Sub-goal 3: Implement a comprehensive strategy that increases student retention and graduation rates as well as development of a post-secondary plan.
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