So what does a Community Action Team (CAT) do?

Residents in the Eastside neighborhood can become CAT members. Each CAT are limited to 15 residents per year, and neighbors can only serve one CAT per year. CAT members meet bi-monthly (every two months). CATs and a representative of a lead agency work collaboratively in identifying resources, meeting space, and creating connections between agencies, organizations, and individuals. Implementation partners will also work with the CAT to implement projects relevant to their agency. This means you become an active member of facilitating the implementation of the Quality of Life Plan; in other words, you are contributing to making the Eastside a great place to work, live, worship, learn, and play.

5 Reasons to Join a Community Action Team

  1. You want to be more involved in your community
    Maybe you’ve recently asked yourself, “how can I be more involved?” or maybe you have a little more time on your hands. There are many ways you can be a more active member of your neighborhood, like joining a community action team.
  1. You are passionate about improving the quality of life for yourself and the Near Eastside
    You like the idea of helping others achieve their goals. You want to turn your skills and experiences in transforming our community.
  2. You want to build your skills personally and professionally.
    Being part of a community action team is participating in community development, and its also pushing the Quality of Life Plan’s goals forward. You’ll be communicating, facilitating projects, and working in a team. These are excellent skills to apply towards a resume or to utilize existing skills in an environment outside your workplace!
  1. You love the Eastside neighborhood!
    Maybe you just moved to the Eastside and fell in love with our parks, local restaurants, or our amazing neighbors. Maybe you’ve been a neighbor here since birth! Whatever it is, you are a proud Eastsider.
  1. You believe that by working together we can make the near Eastside a great place to live, work, worship, learn and play.
    This statement has guided us in the Quality of Life planning process and will continue to as we implement it.

For those interested in learning more about joining a Community Action Team, Ellen Bankston at or 317-749-0212). You can also see more on Facebook here.

There are 9 focus areas in the Quality of Life Plan, so there is more than enough for you to choose that fits with your interests or passion:

  1. Housing
    The near Eastside is a place that promotes fair, equitable, and affordable housing for all, without regard to income, race, ethnicity, housing status, or class and that improves the community as a whole while not forcing others out.
  1. Safety
    The near Eastside is a safe and accessible community that promotes public safety initiatives and fosters strong relationships between a well engaged community and public safety agencies.
  1. Education
    The near Eastside is a place where residents can engage in quality holistic learning opportunities throughout their lifetime.
  1. Sustainability
    The near Eastside is a place that embraces and pilots sustainability initiatives in order to mitigate the impacts of climate change and prepares businesses, residents, and spaces to become carbon-neutral by 2040.
  1. Health, Wellness, & Family
    The near Eastside fosters innovative partnerships to ensure all community members have access to health, wellness and family strengthening resources.
  1. Equity & Engagement
    The near Eastside is a place where neighbors choose to value each other as assets and facilitate engagement across all races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, economic statuses, ages, abilities, entry statuses, and legal statuses.
  1. Economic & Workforce Development
    The near Eastside mobilizes existing assets and attracts new investment in our local residents, businesses, and places in order to maximize their full potential as we create abundant and productive linkages to our city, state, and beyond.
  1. Arts & Culture
    The near Eastside is a place where arts, culture, and creativity are valued as vital contributors to the character, quality of life, and economy of the neighborhood.
  1. Placemaking & Infrastructure
    The near Eastside is a place that creates, restores, and preserves a connected and accessible community through a resilient and sustainable built and natural environment.
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